Raceceiver Radios

Raceceiver Radios are used for All Miniakota Microsprints sanctioned events. Please for all the drivers safety have your radio ready for use. This is mandetory for 2012. This is a tech item in 2012


1. All pit crew, participants, and drivers must cooperate with the Track officials and the Miniakota Micro sprint officers at all times. No fighting allowed as described below.


1. The driver will be responsible for the conduct of all people associated with the driver and his crew members. presume guilty by association.

2. Any penalties incurred by any person associated with the driver or his crew will be given to the driver and all crew members.


1. Use of improper language or gestures to participants, spectators and officials in charge of the race. This May be immediately reprimanded, expelled from the track, and subject to a 1-race or up to 1 year suspension.

2. Unbecoming conduct in front of any audience will be subject to a 1-race or up to 1 year suspension.

3. Any driver or associate at any time shoves, jostles, strikes, or attempts to strike an official or anyone else will be subject to a minimum 1-race or up to 1 year suspension.

4. Any Member found fighting or even attempting to start a fight will be subject to a 1-race or up to 1 year suspension.

5. If in the judgment of the officials in charge, any driver or pit member found under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substance during race events will not be allowed to compete in the races or be in or about the pit area. Drinking or drug abuse will not be tolerated in any manner and carries a minimum of 1-year suspension.

6. No one will be allowed on the racecourse after cars enter the track course except for race officials. In case of an accident, the race officials will give instruction. Failure to abide by this rule may result in the disqualification of the drivers involved.


1. All protests must be made in writing within 30 minutes after the race being protested. Person(s) being penalized will be notified immediately after decision to penalize has been made.

2. Protests involving finishing positions will be settled the evening of the race program.

4. Eng protest....
Only Paid Miniakota member can put a protest on any other competitor prior to that nights heat races beginning. $150cash paid in a envelope with 2 items to be teched. If driver is deemed legal he shall receive $100 and the $50 goes to the club. If driver is deemed illegal $150 is returned to the protested and penalties will be handed out.

Rules Disclaimer

The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to facilitate the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition for all events, and by participating in these events, all participants agree to comply with these rules and regulations. NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATION OF, OR COMPLIANCE WITH, THESE RULES AND REGULATIONS. They are intended solely as a guide for the conduct of the sport, and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators, officials, or others. The Race Director shall be empowered to permit any reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications and procedures herein, or impose any further restrictions that in his/her opinion does not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM ANY SUCH DEVIATION OR RESTRICTION OF THESE
Any interpretation of, or deviation from, these rules is left to the discretion of race officials. THEIR DECISION IS FINAL.

Fuel Cell

Bladders or Fuel Cell: Fuel tanks must contain a bladder. A fuel tank with a bladder is further defined as a plastic outer shell with a rubber inner container. RCI is the only current race tank approved.

All Drivers

All Drivers must be at least 12 years of age with 2 prior years of karting experience. Any driver under 14 years of age will be considered in a trial or probationary period until the age of 14. Driving ability as well as the driver and his crew's temperament will determine if his racing privileges are allowed. We retain the right to revoke any drivers membership we deam necessary due to rules or safety infractions. Drivers under the age of 18 must have a copy of a birth certificate to all tracks we attend or driver’s license and a release form signed by both parents on file before being allowed to compete at a new track.

All motors

2012 Miniakota Microsprints Stock 600 rules.
addendum to rule 3/5/2012
Cams & cam timing must remain stock. This includes stock duration as it was not previously noted.

• Stock 600cc any year other than current year production.
• Take it out of the bike, put it in the car..........That's about it......
*Motors can be rebuilt and freshened but must stay within factory spec and parts as listed
• Any 600cc OEM CV Carbs, injection or Flat Sides, Mechanical fuel inj allowed,
Engine 600cc 4 cylinder 4 stroke as comes on a stock production bike for public sale in the
U.S.A. No current year production engines. No titanium anywhere in or on the engine, unless it comes stock from manufacturer of engine on the production bike.
Except as noted, all internal and external engine parts must remain stock with no modifications, metal removal, or blueprinting.
Valve seat inserts may be reworked to stock specs. Valve springs may be shimmed with standard or
aftermarket shims.
Cams and Cam gears must remain stock.
No reworking timing on stock cams and no aftermarket cams. Duration, lift and timing must remain as it came stock from the bike. Cams must match year and make of motor.
Cylinder head combustion chambers may be cleaned by bead blasting with valves seated in
place. No altering head in any way.
Cylinder head gaskets may be replaced only with original equipment manufacturers stock
parts (All 3 layers of the head gasket must be used). All other gaskets may be replaced with
duplicate aftermarket parts.
Light cleaning of gasket surfaces with steel wool, Scotch-Brite, etc. is allowed to remove carbon build up.
Transmission gears may be shimmed only for the purpose of proper engagement. Standard or
aftermarket shims may be utilized. All gears must remain in motor as factory stock released.
Aftermarket cam chain tensioned allowed for safety of motor.
Fuel injection engines may run carburetors. Injected with power commander or other tuners allowed gas or alcohol. Fuel injection engines running carburetors may change all fuel metering devices to tune fuel curve, Billet intake boots allowed.
Modification of oil pan & oil pick up allowed or aftermarket ok.
Aftermarket or modified timing trigger on crank pickup is allowed.
Modification to thermostat cover allowed or aftermarket ok.
Modification to water pump cover allowed or aftermarket ok.
Any air box OK, stock appearing CDI OK, aftermarket washable replacement air filter OK, power commander or other fuel injection control models OK.
Any 600cc OEM CV carburetors, Flatsides OK.
Charging system must remain intact with all parts present.
Fuel bladder or RCI racing cell required
No dry sump systems are allowed unless it comes from the motorcycle manufacturer as
original equipment.
No aftermarket coils. No aftermarket throttle bodies other then flatslides.

Items subject to tech but not limited to. Top 5 drivers to draw tech items randomly. We will have 30 pills in a bucket. Cars will see random checks for the below and above items. Some nights you may draw a blank pill, one night you may draw a transmission pill to only check your gears. It may be rare but you may be draw a pill to check your crank and rods by removing your oil pan. We will explain the tech procedures the first race. This will not be hard or time consuming on most nights.
• Displacement 600cc
o Remove right side crank case cover so the engine can be turned over.
o Remove cylinder #1,#2,#3,or #4 spark plug
o Find cylinder 1 2 3 or 4 bottom dead center.
o Measure Bore Dimension = B in mm
o Measure Stroke Dimension = S in mm
o Displacement =(B/2)x(B/2) x 3.14 x S x 100 (to get to CC’s)
• Porting: No porting on intake or exhaust
o Remove throttle bodies, look for grinding, sanding, or filling in ports
-ZX6R has some grinding marks from the factory
o Remove exhaust pipes, look for grinding and/or sanding
• Stock Gears, Clutch Operable: No removing factory gears from transmission.
o Put car in gear; pull in clutch handle to make sure car rolls free.
o Shift engine through all 5 or 6 gears. Start down in first, shift through all
5 or 6 gears to make sure there is no neutral anywhere except between first
and second. Each time the engine is shifted, rock car back to be sure the
gear is installed.
o Close ratio gears can be checked for by setting up a pointer on the front
sprocket and counting the number of times the front sprocket turns relative
to the Crank Shaft. Gears 1-4 will have to be checked. You will need the
ratios for that particular engine (many can be found in the Hyper catalog)
and a degree wheel to mount on output shaft.
-fuel bladder or fuel cell in use.
• Charging system: The stock original factory charging system may not be
removed, and must remain in complete working order. No factory racing charging
o Check to be sure the wires coming from the flywheel cover are connected
to the rectifier and that the rectifier is connected to the engine harness.
o If charging system is suspected to be missing or incomplete the flywheel cover may be
removed to prove it is not there. The advantage comes when the flywheel
weight is removed or replaced with a lighter version, so if the flywheel is there and the charging system is
not working but is hooked up this is OK. If any pieces are missing or it is not hooked up this is a DQ. Use volt meter to see if it is working.
Wiring & Carbs: Check compliance on carbs & injection and throttle bodies.

• Cranks and Aftermarket Rods: No machining to remove weight from the crank
(no after-market cranks), Stock connecting rods must be used (no after-market
o Option 1:
- Remove right side cover
- Look through opening with Optic Scope
- Look for machining of crank and after market rods
o Option 2: (better)
- Remove oil pan (the engine mounting bolts may have to be
removed to do this)
- Inspect crank and rods from underneath the car.
*Aftermarket rod bolts may be used
$30 reimbursement from club to driver for oil/gasket recovery fee if legal.
• Cams: Cams must remain stock. Check for stock lift and stock degree.
Cam timing must remain stock. No aftermarket cams aftermarket cam gears or slotted cam Gears. Factory size cam bolts must be used.
o Stock lift will need to be known before doing this check.
o Remove valve cover.
o Measure across the narrow section, then measure across the widest section
with a pair of calipers.
o Subtract the small number from the big number, this is the lift.
-Remove 1 of the cam bolts holding the cam gears on and check for slotted cam.
-Use dowel to check for proper dia hole.
-Use caliper to check bolt shoulder dia side.
-Random compression test can be performed to determine if a motor is in the realm of stock compression numbers. This is a indicator of illegal head work which may call for further investigation.
-Fuel will be checked for additives. Top end lubes are OK. If the test indicates legal additives a lab test may be requested by the racer. It is the racers responsibility to pay for the test. If he is deemed legal he will be reimburse for his expense.

-Check tires & compounds.

Protest. Any Paid Miniakota member can put a protest any other competitor prior to that nights heat races beginning. $150cash paid in a envelope with 2 items to be tech. If driver is deemed legal he shall receive $100 and the $50 goes to the club. If driver is deemed illegal $150 is returned to the protest and penalties will be handed out.
Any driver found illegal will be fined and banned for time frame set forth by the board of directors.

Car Weight

Cars must weigh a minimum of 775lbs nonwing/ 800lbs winged with the Driver. When scales are active top 3 in each heat race must report to directly scales. Top 5 of feature will report directly to scales. Should any of these cars return to their pits prior to weighing they will be disqualified. Any material used for adding weight to the car must be firmly attached and in solid form. If added weight falls off car at any time during the race it will result in a automatic disqualification.


Hoosier tires must be in place on all four tires during each event. Spec Right rear of a minimum of D20 with equivalent factory D20 duromiter spec before and 15min after the race.
Item to see tech.


All cars must have a metal firewall between Driver and engine compartment.

Roll Cages

Roll cages shall be at least 1 1/8 inch .065 wall thickness or 1 1/4 inch .065 wall thickness.
Roll cages must have sufficient fore and aft bracing.
All cages shall be made of chromoly steel.
All cars must be equipped with nerf bars and not exceed beyond the rear tires width.
All cars must have bumpers extending beyond the front and rear tires.
All cars must have down tube style chassis design. Cars with non downtube midrail design must be 2002 or newer for safety reasons.

Top Wings

All cars will have top wings at least 10 square feet, and a maximum of 16 square feet.


Alcohol or racing fuel may be used. NO ADDITIVES ALLOWED. This only applies to performance enhancers, is not meant to exclude top end lubricants. Random fuel checks may be conducted at the conclusion of any event.

The following placements can be expected to be tested: top 3 placements in the A main.

Fuel protest $250.

Traction Control

No traction control devices of any type will be allowed.


Minimum height of 10" on each side of tail and a minimum height of 12" on each side of top wing. Only 2 digit numbers allowed (#00-#99).
Single letter may be used with number.
Placing number on center section of top wing and center section of nose wing is recommended but not mandatory.

Miniakota Decals

Cars must display the supporting sponsor decals of the Miniakota Microsprints to qualify for any awards points or pay. Decals should be provided free of charge by MMS.

Point Standings

Miniakota Micros

  1. T. Thesenvitz1952 pts.
  2. T. Ottenbacher1951 pts.
  3. W. Huisman1931 pts.
  4. R. Schuur1910 pts.
  5. D. Steen1878 pts.

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